Friday, July 02, 2010

Did I Say Finesse?

    Talking with your kids about sex and sexuality requires a deft touch - a kind of "finesse" if you will. 
    Or you could just handle it the way I do.
    Yesterday, Gabriel stopped me in the kitchen as I gathered towels and sunscreen for the pool.
    "Hey, dad. What's a condom?"
    "A what?" I asked - even though I had heard the question clearly. I folded the terry cloth towels to buy myself some time.
    "A condom," Gabriel answered. "I saw a commercial for condoms. What are they?"
    I paused and looked at my ten year-old. I considered lying for a moment because that's...what's the word I'm looking for....easier.
    "It's a piece of rubber that men wear on their penises so that the women won't get pregnant."
    He considered this for a moment.
    "We live in a really weird world."
    "Yes, we do," I replied.