Friday, January 28, 2005

The World is Full of Fingers

I understand almost nothing my two year-old son Julian says. This makes for some awkward circumstances. Over the last week, for instance, he has been pointing at different people and earnestly calling them a “Fu#@er”.

Except he used a “ck” instead of a “#@”.

I moved quickly to stamp out this behavior because a) it was the correct thing to do from a parenting perspective, and b) if I don’t get to call people fu#@ers, he doesn’t get to call them fu#@ers.

Fair is fair, dammit.

I had reprimanded Julian maybe 20 times before my wife explained to me that Julian was saying, “finger” not “fu#@er”. And he wasn’t actually pointing; he was just displaying his finger.

Imagine my chagrin. I felt like a total finger.

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rod said...

maybe he was giving rather than showing