Tuesday, August 04, 2009

...And That's a Fascist Belt

The current political conversation summed up:

Obama: Thousands of people die every year because our current insurance system is inadequate. In addition, tens of thousands of families go bankrupt even if they have insurance. Both Republicans and Democrats agree that we need to discuss how to fix this before it breaks America socially and financially. What do you think?
Crazy People: That is a very, very important issue but your zipper is down.
Obama: Oh, thanks...no, wait, my zipper is up.
Crazy People: No, your zipper is down.
Obama: I just checked it. My zipper is up.
Crazy People: You've never shown proof that your zipper is up.
Obama:You and I are standing three feet apart and both of us can see that my zipper is clearly up.
Crazy People: (Pause) Those are socialist pants.

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AncientDreamer said...

I just had a similar conversation with my instructor here in Charlotte. Both of us are amazed at how blissfully ignorant folks are to the reality and goals of Health Care reform. You try to give facts and they come back with "the sky is falling" rhetoric. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetically sad.