Saturday, October 23, 2004

Amazing But True Stories, Part 2

Today, I’m stealing an Amazing But True Story from my brother, whose social gaffes are infamous.

At one point in his life, my brother ran with a local runner’s club. I assume this is because painful exercise is much easier if an entire group of people shares the same delusion. This goes a long way toward explaining the appeal of step classes, but barely scratches the sick surface of ThighMasters.

In any case, my brother typically ran with the same group of people. One of these people was a somewhat effeminate guy. Since my brother is not homophobic, he made note of the guy’s effete manner but thought nothing much about it.

One day when my brother was stretching near a set of bleachers, the guy walked over to him, sat down and made the following pronouncement:

“Jenny (another runner) says that she thinks I’m a fag. What do you think?”

My brother was taken aback by Jenny’s use of “F” word, but he’s a sometimes brutally honest guy who has never flinched from a conversation.

“Well,” my brother said. “I don’t like Jenny’s use of the word “Fag”, but if you want my honest opinion, I’ll give it to you. I’ve always suspected you were gay. If you are, it’s no big deal.”

The guy looked at my brother strangely for a few moments, and then said this:

“I said Jenny thought I was fat.”

My brother has not talked to the guy since.

Amazing but True.

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